Good evening, I apologize for the mistake but I did not mean to sign up for this. I cannot personally  support some of the content on this site. Please remove my name. 

Dr. Moshe: Just FYI  –
On that page, it is stated – By signing, you are saying that you share in a general agreement with the sentiments and ideologies of NDFT, not that you agree with every point, in every picture, article, or blog.

I understand what you are trying to do.  And I do not agree with censorship. However after going through many of the articles, I do not want my name associated with your site at this time. Thank you for understanding. 

Dr. Moshe: Let me guess… the BLM stuff? I know it’s a very hot topic, but one which has a lot of unhealthy ideologies that are associated with it. That’s why we’re addressing these issues, because they have  infiltrated into naturopathy, and a lot of people have been hurt and gaslighted by it. The idea of equality and ending racism is of the utmost importance, that we all identify with and support. But within the BLM movement are Marxist ideologies, which go something along these lines -hate against hate is not hate, it’s love. violence against violence is not violence. racism doesn’t exist against racism. These things are completely illogical. Everyone is afraid of the mob of social justice warriors enacting this sort of imbalanced unhealthy “justice.” We need to speak out against this as well before our profession is afraid of any expression whatsoever. I hope you understand this. We need brave NDs willing to stand up for what’s right, despite the possible consequences of being unfairly labelled and judged as being racist, or whatever. We stand for a wholesome and natural equality. not this movement which is actually quite undermining of healthy principles for blacks, whites, and well, everyone.

To be honest, my biggest concern in the ND profession right now is these exact conversations.  Our entire profession needs a lesson in conflict transformation.  We have forgotten that our core motivations as NDs are the same but we all see the delivery and manifestations of these core values differently.  Everyone seems more invested in championing their version of what is “true” to them and all this energy convincing the “other side”.  I’m not even sure we can tell anymore what are reliable resources.  I think we are all being manipulated into ideological extremes.  

Our profession has fallen prey to the false dichotomy that you are either for us or against us.  If you believe some vaccines are useful, you are committing a full scale betrayal of all naturopathic principles and are clearly an idiot.  Or if you raise the alarm about mask wearing you are a conspiracy theorist and clearly an idiot. 

I do not believe these conversations and adversarial position statements are beneficial for our profession.  I think they they are polarizing and counterproductive.  And unfortunately while I respect your right to take whatever action you feel necessary, in the end I think this site and many others only serve to further the divide. 

I may disagree with your statements on BLM but I have learned how to listen to understand why you feel the way you do without a need to defend my own position or try to change your mind.    I only intend to participate in real conversation where the goal is to increase mutual understanding – which is very different than the conversations we see happening in our current forums. I do not believe  websites and articles can achieve the level of engagement we need as a profession.  And so I think In the end they are harmful.  

I do not expect our profession to survive the fall out from this pandemic. The influence of social media AI on our profession is disturbing.  And I’ve chosen not to participate. 

Dr. Moshe: Hi Doc, 
I hear you. I agree with what you’re saying. I agree about the part that it appears that people are just standing in their truth and yelling at the other side. ‘I’m right. You’re wrong’ type of thing. I hear that. 

But I also see a real censorship, a shaming happening around certain particular topics which is new to the profession (say over the last 1-3 years, it has really escalated to never before seen proportions). Never before seen censorship happening on youtube, facebook, twitter. Our profession has its fair share of cancel culture types, calling for the firing / dismissal / cancelation of anyone not speaking the narrative just in the very same way they expect it to be spoken. 

I stand for freedom of speech. That’s what NDFT is all about.
The topics we are putting up, are, generally, the ones that are being censored on Youtube, FB, etc. There’s a reason they’re being censored. And it’s because they provide a truth, a healing, a way of seeing which is empowering, rather than the mind-control that has taken over (yes, through A.I. and also the media) and stopped people from thinking for themselves. There’s a very dark global agenda moving in to take over that needs to be exposed. That’s what I am doing – is to expose it. 

And with the A.I. thing. I did a piece (on youtube) about the hidden agendas in the film The Social Dilemma. It makes it seem like there’s no truth. There’s just people standing on opposite sides, yelling at each other, and all, or both sides, are wrong, or somehow misled. But this is part of the hidden agenda of this film. They reveal some very important truths about how there is a TON of A.I. manipulating people into these extreme ideologies, to earn the viewers trust, only then to bring forward the hidden agenda, to make everyone seem like they’re wrong for believing what they believe. To cause total confusion and to get people doubting themselves. It’s clever and very tricky. We need to be so highly discerning these days.

There is a truth as far as what Covid is about, and it’s important to discuss it. It’s not totally black or white, but, in regards to the censorship of doctors and scientists speaking out real science against the bull that’s out there, there is truth. There is a truth about Bill Gates having pumped billions of dollars into basically every sector of media, science, research, big pharma, political parties, and being a eugenicist and technocrat, etc. There is a truth about the Covid 19 RNA vax and the other markers that are going into it being a bad bad idea. Have you seen the Corbett report on “Who is Bill Gates?” A must see. Very clear conclusion from that excellent journalism.

So I agree there is A.I. manipulation, but who is really being manipulated, and to what end?

I want us all to talk about this. All of this. 
I want to have live video discussions hashing these things out. Some of these may discussions between people in agreement. Others will be people who do not share the same views, having a discussion, rather than the shaming and silence that comes from being cancelled. I’ve been cancelled multiple times over the past few years, shamed, name-called, told I shouldn’t be a healer, and it was as a result of speaking out about things that most seem afraid to do. I’ve had so many people thanking me for voicing what they were too afraid to put words to. That’s not good. This platform, NDFT, is to give voice to these things that are seemingly going to the grave to die a silent death. 

You might be right that our profession may not survive this pandemic. If it doesn’t, it’s because we allowed the mainstream narrative and all the punishment that comes from challenging it, win us over and silence and marginalize those who challenge it. That weakens our already very weak profession that struggles with its identity. We’ll discuss that one too.

There’s a very interesting doc out west named Taylor Bean, ND. She’s a proponent for vaccines, as a means of bridging the gap, this gap of hard opposites. She’s seeking a middle ground, more so to bring those who are hard pro-vaccine, to being less so. She’s not so much speaking to those who are anti-vax. I told her, I don’t think there’s a middle ground, but… we had a great conversation. Hearing each other. We’re going to have her on the live video discussions so… we can discuss it. We can air it out. let her voice be heard. Let disagreement be heard. This is healthy. This is what we’re about.

We’re going to be discussing many topics. anyone that wants to participate, in many topics. 
the colleges firing all the elders. the colleges departing from our roots. cancel culture, woke, BLM. vaccines. Covid. Mask wearing. etc. We can hear all sides.

But really, some things, you just have to stand up against. There’s no middle ground. Like with the Covid19 vaccine, which CCNM and Bob Bernhardt are supporting to reduce vaccine hesitancy at this time. It’s just horrible beyond imagining that CCNM would be standing up to support that RNA, untested, untried, totally horrific vaccine. It’s going to get ugly… fast. 
God bless you. 
Dr. Moshe

That’s it for now. We’ll see if there’s another response to share on this topic.

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