Here’s where it goes beyond “Conspiracy” and into scary reality, and reluctant, “We told you so.”

Here’s another one of the Canadian government and police force ordering massive quantities of riot-suppressing measures (Riot control agents, like tear gas.

To all Canadians…coming soon to your province. Please look at article 126 from the link below. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to put 2 and 2 together vis a vis what the camps are going to be for as well.

126. If a person fails to submit to a vaccination ordered under section 123, a judge of the Court of Québec or of the municipal courts of the cities of Montréal, Laval or Québec having jurisdiction in the locality where the person is to be found may order the person to submit to the vaccination.

In addition, the judge may, if satisfied on reasonable grounds that the person will not submit to the vaccination and if of the opinion that the protection of public health warrants it, order that the person be taken to a specific place to be vaccinated.

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