Our Names

· Moshe Daniel Block, ND, HMC, VNMI

· Matthew Mossop, ND

· Brian Di Diego, ND
Thank you for providing a REAL safe space for professionals to share their opinion in an appropriate, non-censored manner.

· Anon, ND, Toronto, Canada

· Adrian Mehmedi, ND
The Truth always prevails.

· Alex Orton, ND
I believe deeply that the body, mind, and earth are designed to heal themselves. The only way true healing can take place is through truth, openness, acceptance, and responsibility.

· Anon., ND, Ontario
I support freedom of speech and following the science in order to have peaceful debates and discussions. Any health and security measure put in place needs to have a risk and benefit analysis. Currently, the restrictions set in place are not justified based on the risk of COVID-19.

· Anon, ND from Toronto

· Anon, ND, VNMI

· E. K., Thornhill, Ontario, ND

· Bryce Healy, ND

· Taylor Bean, ND

· M.H., Portland, OR, ND, LAc

· Anon, ND, San Diego, CA

· J.M., ND Cornwall, ON

· Anon., ND, VNMI, Vancouver, USA

· Anon., ND, Vancouver, Canada

· Anon, ND, Toronto, Ontario
Thank you for doing this. NDs need to take a stronger stance and be the voice of reason and provide people with the sound information they need to navigate this time without fear.

· Benjamin Alter, ND
Make science, truth, and freedom cool again!

· Anon., ND, Ontario, Canada

· Selena Eon, ND

· Anon., ND, Portland, OR
Thnx for doing this!

· E.V., ND, RCSH, Florenceville-Bristol, NB, Canada

· Anon., ND, Alaska

· R.G.,ND, Toronto
I've been following truths since 2004. Knew this year was going to be "it" so went on a sabbatical starting Feb. 1 right before things got intense. Have been working with a lot of energy surrounding our next steps as humanity and the ascension process we are actually in.

· Charley Cropley., ND
My interest is in joining NDFT fostering compassionate listening and truthful speech in our profession on the critical topics of our time, starting with Covid 19.

· Anon., ND, Montreal, Canada

· Kareem Kandil., ND

· Anon., ND, Ontario, Canada

· Fjorda Jusufi, ND student

· Anon, ND student, San Diego

· Anon, ND student, San Diego
"I have been discouraged how practicing clinicians have handled the current pandemic. Instead of offering our skills to assist the community, clinics have been shut down and services for the public have been diminished. This coupled with what I have witnessed over the course of my education of naturopathic medicine changing to conform with the allopathic medical world, has been disheartening to say the least. I hope that NDs take a stronger stance in the name of truth."

· Kolby Ourada., ND

· C.W., ND, Burlington

· Anon, ND, HMC, Ontario
So wonderful to find this site and read your mission statement. So spot on!!! Now is the time to take a stand and proudly speak the truth: To support the foundations of naturopathy, the energy-based modalities and the oaths that we took when we graduated as NDs.

· Anon, NMD, Alaska, USA
Thank you for making this group! Being a part of a group that is not afraid to speak out and go back to our true naturopathic principles is so important. Much of our current profession is conceding to the conventional medical paradigm. “Green allopathy” is not what I went into this medicine to do, nor what I believe this medicine was created for. I see how the vitalistic naturopaths who remember the fundamentals of our medicine have the most success, and this is why: true, deep healing, and working WITH nature’s laws, instead of against them.

· Rebecca Kellerstein, ND

· N.J., Rockford, ND, L.Ac, LMT

· A.L., ND, Phoenix, AZ
Stand up and speak up for what is right for the greater good!

· Anon, ND student, California

· David Nortman, ND

· Anon, ND, Caledon Ontario
We should be the voice of reason and encouragement. Teaching how to be strong and resiliant. Instead fear has become the guiding force that is prevalent. Often driven by MSM and the few that will benefit from what is going on. I feel we need to look deeper and find truth. When found, it asks us to question everything. This site is full of those questions, and I have arrived at very similar conclusions. Who is going to speak up, if it's not the health professionals. Well done for doing what you are doing, I encourage others to stand up and support this voice.

· Aviva Wertkin, ND

· Victoria Goudy, ND
Thank you for doing this Moshe. I look forward to having articles and videos to share with the group soon!

· Anon, ND, Seattle, WA

· Melinda Jabouri
Thank you!

· Anon, ND, Rural Ontario
Naturopathic Doctors have plenty to offer COVID patients and it has been a mistake to discourage ND's from being able to reach out to this population. It is only through healthy debate that we can identify truth from lies.

· Saul Markus, ND
I just talk to my ND colleagues who I know in real life about these issues. I'm happy one of them pointed me to your website.

· L.E., ND, VNMI Rutland, VT

· Cindy Azevedo, ND, LAc

· Gagged ND in Ontario, ND
Thank-you Dr. Moshe Block for starting this platform.
Censorship has reached all corners of our profession. We need truth and leadership from the ground up. We must not blindly follow what the mainstream narrative is telling us over-and-over again about COVID-19. Experts from around the world are showing the numbers (Case-fatality-ratio) that this virus is no worse than a bad flu. Yes, there will be deaths -mostly in the elderly, and we need to protect them. However, the lock-down measures and restrictions are worse than the virus itself.

We are being kept in "fear" so that we will acquiesce to vaccination. Vaccination that is NOT proven to be SAFE in the long-term - how can it be? Vaccines need years to be developed and tested properly.

In practice, I have witnessed patients not receiving medical care and diagnostic tests from their MDs "because of covid" I have been to the funeral of a patient who committed suicide and I have patients that are out of work and are feeling depressed "because of covid".

I have had 7 patients be diagnosed with COVID-19 over the last several months, and make FULL recoveries. I have used high dose Vitamin D, C and Quercetin to help them (among other things). I am not saying I can "cure " covid, but as NDs we have the scope, knowledge and experience to help our patients recover from viral infections. We KNOW how to support the Immune system!

Lets stick together as a profession and provide support, wisdom and fearless truth telling.

Thanks Dr. Moshe Block, as an ND - you ROCK!

Thank you so, so much for having the courage to speak out and form this group!

· Beth Hansen, ND

· Olja Keserovic, ND

· J.C., ND, Ozark, MO

· Lori Bouchard, ND

· Reena Singh, ND

· Virginia Osborne, ND

· Annette Landman, ND

· Lisa Amerine, ND

· Maria Lams, ND student

· Adaeze "Dezi" Nebedum, ND student

· Cindy Azevedo, ND
Thank you for putting this together!!!

· Lesley Johnston, ND

· Jaden Hawkinson, ND student

· Sarv Varta Khalsa, NMD

· Anon, ND, Mississauga, ON, Canada

· Michael Moeller, ND
Our medicine has (Flexnor Report 1910) and is being censored. In 2017 Youtube completely removed my channel. I recreated my channel and have had several videos this year taken down as well. When we allow those in power to censor others, that power can be used against us later on. If we do not speak up now, we won't be able to later.

· Anon, ND, Whitefish, Montana, USA

· D.S., ND student, Del Mar, CA

· Anon, ND student, San Diego, CA

· Anon, ND student, Laramie WY, USA

· Michelle Mattingly, ND, LAc

· Laura Enfield, ND, LAc

· L.A., ND student, San Diego
We need to start an NDs for Truth peer reviewed research group and promote the most effective protocols, and stop using what we 'learned' in the Naturopathic program.

· Stephanie Preston., ND
I’m so thankful for this page. Naturopathic medicine has so much to offer and I wish more NDs could take an active stance in what’s becoming such a controlled and passive world. Our families, patients, clients and friends need us more than ever now!

· C.S., ND student

· Anon, ND student, Kenmore, WA

· Elizabeth Storjohann, ND

· Anon, ND student, Kirkland, Washington

· Cresencia Felty, ND

· A.T., ND, Noblesville, Indiana

· anon, ND, San Luis Obispo
Thank you for taking the time to provide this educational platform, to connect like-minded ND's and to reflect on the roots of naturopathic medicine. I look forward to tuning in every week.

· Gail Littell., ND, LMT, Campbellsburg, Indiana

· M.D.., ND, Alaska

· Christie Fleetwood, ND, RPh, VNMI
Can I be a part of this party?

· K.A., ND Chicago

· Trevor Sexton, ND

· Maame-Mensima Horne, ND student
Love what you are doing.

· Derrick Schull, ND
I'm all about discussion, asking questions, and having an open mind. Let's be brave enough to ask the big questions and have civil discussion.

· Mona Bhalla, ND
Yes! So happy to hear you exist. Sign me up!!

· Anon, ND, Vancouver, WA, USA
I just want to see open collegial and informed discussion by professionals.

· Abrar Abufarha, ND student, New York city, USA

· Elizabeth Taddiken, ND

· Shonna Steppe-Calica, ND

· Emeka Egbuji, ND student
My hope is that one day all of humanity will learn the Truth and live it out to the fullest.

· Jacquelyne Pedersen, ND student
This is my tribe right here! Let us all keep speaking up for the truth and standing strong in our wisdom. The world needs true medicine men and women.

· Chris Chlebowski, DC, ND

· Ellen Lewis, ND

· Ferdinand Ruiz, ND student

· Lyndsey Maher, ND, MSAc
What’s popular isn’t always right and what’s right isn’t always popular. Silence by virtue is what’s happening in the world, and it’s time for us to speak up and out. We are paving the way for future generations and the health and well-being of humanity. If it ends here, what happens next?

· R.S., ND, Toronto, Canada
I’ve been following your FB posts for some sanity during the last year and a half. It’s always a relief to know there are some like-minded NDs out there!

· Ben Wilke, ND Student, Toronto, Canada
I join this collective and mission in pursuit of a truthful, non-violent, and compassionate approach to breaking down the barriers of access to real medicine for all people.

· Anon, ND LAc, Seattle, Washington
We agreed to first do no harm as Naturopathic Drs. This entails knowing that a medical treatment is safe both when administered and long term. Many NDs seem to be overlooking this.

· Colleen Huber, ND
I just saw your beautiful message and website. I am so glad you all exist. You have allies at the Arizona Naturopathic Research Institute and the Naturopathic Oncology Research Institute, which we founded in 2010, with very similar goals. https://naturopathicstandards.org
Please add me to your mailing list.
Also, my book The Defeat Of COVID may be of interest, on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

· Phranq Tamburri, ND
‘Science’ withOUT debate or dissent is called: PROPAGANDA

· Rach Marley, Australian degree ND

· Amanda Richardson-Meyer former ND
I went through naturopathic school, was licensed, practiced, and left the profession in 2016. I left for a multitude of reasons, many of them personal, but many of them to do with the direction the profession was headed, which has only amplified and become much more glaringly obvious in the past year.

· A.M., ND, Gold Bar, WA
Thank you for all you are doing.

· Anon. ND, Tri-Cities, WA

· Erica Peirson ND
Thank you for starting this group!!

· Pat Nardini ND

· B.Y, ND, Malaysia
Do no harm.

· Anon, ND
Thank you for this, Moshe. The division in the profession and state of the world and US is disheartening, frightening, and enraging. I feel some sense of peace knowing you are all out there.

· Anon, ND, DC, San Diego CA
Most of the country has succumbed to the 24-hour "Fear Covid" news cycle, including most doctors (of all types). Those who haven't succumbed to the fear, and who have spoken out, have been censored/cancelled. In this trying time, we have to hold tightly to our oaths, be brave, and set a shining example for others to follow. Be like the water against the rocky California coastline - softly and persistently; slowly but surely turning the rocks into sand. I think the pendulum is finally starting to slow and will soon be going in OUR direction. The truth always wins out in the end. Stay strong!

· Kerwin Clarke, ND, MD (Hom.)

· Nadene Neale, ND
Without ethics and integrity in the practice of medicine we have no feet to stand on and we fall over.

· Jennifer Boyce, ND
Thank you.

· Felicia Assenza, ND

· Anon "Old School", ND

· H.M, Toronto, ON, Canada, ND

· J.K., Toronto, ON, Canada, ND

· Alison La Force, ND

· Jessie Tommie, ND student

Like-Minded Supporters' Names

· A. M. from Fergus
As a holistic mental health clinician who utilizes naturopathic medicine in my personal life and referrals for clients.
Natural medicine is so important during this time in the world. Not masks. Not fear. And most def not vaccines.
Education on the body, and nutrition and having a voice to speak above those who benefit from fear and illness. Sending all my encouragement to those who are in this fight

· C. P. from Peterborough, Canada
I was a naturopathic student back in 2001. I left the program while in my second year. At that time, I felt as though the profession was a crossroads whereby it had to choose between maintaining it's true roots......or become more like allopathic medicine. I believe it has chosen the latter. Before leaving the program, I remember looking through the curriculums of the past and was shocked to see how much it had changed. To be honest, I believe there is a "war" taking place against naturopathic medicine, with the goal being to discredit it and/or wipe it out completely. That might seem like strong words, but just take a moment to read the write-up for "naturopathy" on wikipedia. Perhaps NDFT could play a role in attempting to maintain the accuracy of Wikidipedia's definition for "naturopathy".....or at least pressure the profession's governing bodies to take that on.

· L.D, from Omemee.
Thank you.

· N.Z, from Peterborough, ON.

· Tracey Duffy
'Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food'.

· Pauline Koinis
I am an Alternative Medical Practitioner and a Personalized Medicine Specialist who has overcome Stage IV Ovarian Cancer using plants, herbs & quantum energetics to heal after removing 8 malignant organs. I am passionate about how I accomplished this and am writing a book to help others navigate this 50 yr. old paradigm that no longer works. As an herbalist I use between 15-20 herbs (about 150 pills a day) including high doses of cannabis made specifically for my cells. I would be honored to share with you my protocols. From my heart to all of yours.

· E.D., San Diego

· Anon from Chatham Ontario
Wow, good for you! So many follow what the MSM is saying and do not look at more facts. The PCR test is being challenged and has so many false positives due to amplification. The lockdown is causing more damage than the virus. Nurses challenged a mandate to be forced to wear masks and won because they are not effective. 3 years ago!! And we certainly cannot say vaccines do no harm! There just has to be a better way than the loss of our freedoms and freedom of speech. It is our human right to question.

· Peggy Sorensen
When Naturalpath Doctors, are politically silenced, we should all shake in Fear! Making your own Medical choices, for your own body, is a basic "Human Right," whether that be Naturalpath Medicine, Conventional Medicine or a combination of Both. That's part of living in a Democratic Country! When we take away Free choice or the voices of our doctors, scientists or the general public, we arrive at Socialism & then finally Communism!
Wake up People or you will arrive at Slavery!

Good luck to you NDs who organized this. I'm behind you all the way.

·Truth Z

·Svea Gordon

·Nikki Moore

·Fadil Mehmedi

·Kara McNabb, Traditional naturopath

· Anon from Ontario

· Corry Prinsen

· Angela McElroy, BSHS, traditional naturopath

· Anon, Bismarck, ND

· Tonya Tyre

· Jayne Smith

· April Kaiserlian

· Valerie Palmer
So very happy to get info for all you ND Drs. Let’s remain in compassion and kindness and LOVE at this time. Everything is energy so remain in the high frequency of LOVE!!! Valerie friend FOR TRUTH!!!!

· Renee Hutchins

· Katie Surgent

· Randy Merrimen

· Courtney Homer

· Nikki Moore

· Robert Krech

· Rosemary Daly
How do we organize to stop this madness?

· Martine M Pepin

· Theresa Marcotte

· Jane Smith

· Renee Bustos

· Jennifer Richards

· M.G., Oceanside, CA

· Paula Voigt

· H.D. Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

· Anon, Scottsdale, AZ, USA
Thank you.

· Ish Bee
I love this platform...!!
Looking forward to embracing real knowledge,,,real sense...real truths!!

· Stacey Kelly

· D. I., Ojai, CA

· S. I., Ukiah, CA

· Anon, Southend-on-Sea, England

· Felicia Wafford
I support what you are doing.

· Stacey Kelly

· Lee Grefsrud
In order for evil to prevail, good people must do nothing

· Waynel Sexton

· L.D., Victoria, Texas

· M.W., Brattleboro, VT

· Elle Keathley

· Anon, Rockford, IL

· Marcia Hammar, traditional naturopathy student, NAET practitioner and RN

· Anon, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

· Jodie Foster
Thank you for putting this together so that we can have a reliable source for truth.

· N.G.,
Thank you for all that you do!

· Joan Seaman

· Anon, Ringoes, NJ, USA

· Richard Hark

· Anon, Washington DC

· D.R., Goldsboro NC

· Jill Ayn Schneider
Healed myself of cervical cancer in 1975. Presently coaching using natural protocols. Singer, songwriter and guitarist

· A.C. New York, NY USA

· Pat Wernecke

· Anon, Delta
We need to keep naturopathic medicine and health practice alive!!

· Dawn Roper
Vaccine passports are unconstitutional and lead to a further divided society… not to mention the vaccine doesn’t protect anyone from getting and transmitting this “virus”

· Anon, Pensacola, Florida
I am a normal person who was homeschooled all my school days . Conservative . And want freedom to still be that way.

· K.M., Mountain Home

· Karen Potts
Rising up together!

· Pamela Nola

· M.B., Toms River

· L.NM, Toms River

· Joanna Mickel, former ND student
I can discuss my experience as an ND student and why I left SCNM. Why I have chosen to support the ANMA school and to go to Quantum University for a doctorate and PhD in Natural Medicine. The importance of upholding naturopathic philosophy and principles has been the biggest disappointment in ND schools and the CNME and AANP.

· Anon Guysborough, NS

· A.J., Novi